Contemporary Cuban Art


We want to share all of our knowledge about Cuba, its people, its art. Cuba is a unique country and we support its people.

In the United States, we promote and represent a number of Cuban artists, bringing them to the United States and helping them to sell their works directly to the US audience.  In addition to pop-up Gallery exhibitions in New York, ACUBA organises special exhibitions of Cuban art throughout the United States.  ACUBA is also organizing  the commission of Cuban murals, sculptures and other installations for Universities and business entities in the United States.

ACUBA IS ORGANIZING LEGAL ART TOURS to spend time with the artists of Cuba, visiting the homes and studios of major Cuban artists.  These are small groups so that each trip can be tailored to the interests and needs of the participants.  Our expert staff will guide you as you choose from a long list of possible locations and experiences.

 YOU DECIDE, ABOUT EVERYTHING... The duration of the trip, destinations around the island, food and much more is decided by you in consultation with our founder over the phone, by email or in person prior to the journey.  A detailed budget and itinerary will be provided in advance according to your level of travel.

YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE REAL CUBA...   Our organization hopes to facilitate a closer relationship between the American people and the Cuban people directly.  Whenever possible, our organization will choose to support small Cuban businesses by eating at family run Cuban restaurants and staying at Cuban homes.  Our goal is to help Americans understand the experience of Cuban life, art, history and culture, with real interaction, one family at a time.



Founder Luis Granados was born in 1968 in La Habana, Cuba and lived there for 33 years.  He graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer in 1993 and for three years he worked as an Engineer for the Cuban Telephone Co. in Havana, Cuba. He also worked in the tourism industry.  He then worked first at the British Embassy in Havana, Cuba and then at the British Residence also in Havana, Cuba. 

In 2001, Luis moved to the United States, living in between New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2002  he became a Sound Engineer and Producer at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City.  He worked as a field sound engineer for major Corporations, Broadcast Networks, News and Television programs across the United States and around the world, co-founding Cinecruzando Productions ( and producing Award winning documentaries and Cuban music videos. He has also worked as an interpreter in court proceedings for the Department of Justice, founding Granados Languages Services while in San Francisco.

Following his passion for the Arts, and a strong belief in the importance of building bridges and not walls between cultures, Mr. Granados decided to promote outstanding Contemporary Cuban artists and serve as a bridge for them to reach the US market. 

Mr. Granados founded ACUBA in 2016.