Contemporary Cuban Art

Carmen Mir Adornawas born on January 25, 1973 in Havana, Cuba. She is a painter, sculptor and portrait artist.  

She has worked in various styles over the course of her career, including Hyper-realism, Surrealism and Abstract Art and is today in search of her own graphic symbols, using elements of her Cuban culture and her personal iconography.

Her work has been exhibited in international art shows in Puerto Rico, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico and the United States.Her work was exhibited in the Foundation Miguel Hernandez de Orihuela Alicante and in the Arsenal Exposition in the Feria de Arco in Madrid, Spain, 2010.  She was also featured at the Punta Cana Art Gallery in Dominican Republic in 2012.   Her work was show at Art Basel 2012 in Miami, Florida, at the Cubaocho Art Center and the Winwood Art District.  In 2013, her work was displayed at the Latin American Art Pavillion, Art Basel, Florida.